Procrastination, A wonderful bliss!

What is common among Intellectually Gifted People (IQ>125), IITians, MITians, JEE Smashers, ACM Champions, Olympiad Champions,Vijay Mallya, Albert Einstein, Alan Guth, Nicholas Tesla?

Can't figure out? It is PROCRASTINATION!

I don't understand why people are so sentimental about time! If time management were of
such help why isn't everyone of them tycoon or something? Time management sucks, yet people
stick to it. Time management is ultimate trademark of an idiot.

Ever since I remember I always manage to beat time. No matter what I do, I am always late.
I have some innate capability to waste time, and I'm proud of it. I never did my homework
on time (if I did it at all), never appeared in examinations with full preparation, never
been to school on time (even after being vice head boy), always missed important dates,
pissed off my mates when I used to commute via van to my coaching classes, bunked most of
the classes, innumerable proxies, yet I'm at a place where most self-controlled time robots
couldn't make it, thanks to my exceptional ability to procrastinate.

Now some may ask, how LACK of time management helps?

It makes you smart:

Procrastination leaves you with loads of work to be done in short
amount of time. This optimizes you brain and gives you retention and intelligence of a
superhuman. You can perform variety of tasks with amazing accuracy and lightening speed. Thanks to great ability of human body to adapt.

You will never be disappointed:

You can't expect anything without hardwork, isn't it?
Procrastination is a door to eternal elation.

You will feel great:

Really, you feel amazing when you'll get a lot without doing a lot.

It makes you jugaadu:

Ask our very own Dhawal Pratap Singh(

You will have a lot of time do the things you really like:

Creative Writing, Programming, Mathematics whatever your interest maybe, you will have lots of time to do it.

Un-time management can get you the hottest chick in the college (even if it is IIT Kanpur). To know more stay tuned!

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Mast hai bhai, ab log hamari bhi izzat karenge. We will not be called nerds anymore!

100% true yaar. You will rarely find ghissus in iit.

reaaly correct yaar...
so prefectly describing all that we've done....
n thanks for giving me credit...

i'm a hardcore ghissu, still i cracked jee. You are right upto an extent, not many iitians are hardworking. And if u r talking about seerat in last line then u r wrong. She always had a soft corner for than her hands...rofl

kya baat hai ladke...??
whos seerat...?

All girls are ghissu here, not even a single exception.

not every1 is as lucky as the author of this blog...and not everything in life is as easy

Einstein was, indeed, a procrastinator! You factual knowledge sounds great. On the topic:
If you really think so then I bet that you are an intellectually gifted person, but everyone is not. There are people who struggle to barely get passing marks, then there are people like you who get everything for nothing. They say "Life is not fair!"

I don't agree with you. Even great people have flaws. If some great and successful people procrastinate, then it doesn't mean that doing so will make you successful. If it works for you, well and good. But it will not work for majority of people out there.

kya baat hai yaar...!!!
tune toh online debate chaalu kar di...
but mera questn wohi hai...
seerat madam kaun hai...??
kabi suna nahi..??

I am appearing in jee 2009 bro, my preprations are quite good, tell me how to attempt exam! please bro!

@Vijay & Manju

Thanks for reckoning!


Seriously dude, I find it funny, we never took life seriously (where we should've taken it!)... I hope one day we will be ACM champs!!
And seerat is one subject, which every guy here wants to


Beta tu taang keechne se baaz nahi ayegi. Zindgi tere baalo jitni uljhi hui nahi hai :P.
How do you know about seerat's hands? have you touched them :P?


Nope, want examples?
Shreya, Srujana, Divya and Pooja :)

@ Samvit

Why do you think that I'm lucky? There is no such thing as luck.


Yes, life is indeed not fair. Neither is death!


Bhai mujhse advice naa le.... barbaad ho jayega. Still, if you wanna crack jee, get your ass off the computer and study! Now there isn't enough time to procrastinate. I can advice only for maths and physics. Get hold of some VMC materiel and solve them, you will sail through exam. For physics do each and every question of D Mukherjee (will hardly take 3-4 days) and you are done. Can't advise for chem, I barely jumped the cutoff, but again VMC material is great (Which I realized after the exam!)

@ S.N.E.H.A.

Nice to see you here, doctor sahiba :P

*Notice that I'm replying to you in seprate comment...heehee*

This may not work for majority in Medical Schools, but a lot of people in engg. colleges do it. That's a fact.
Please don't try to follow my advice! Else you will never be my family doctor (and will lose huge bucks :P)

take care


Thanks a lot man!! I will follow your advise. Hope to see you soon ;)btw you didn't tell me if you are on orkut or something. Can I get your phone no.?

hemant,ye kya ho raha hai..?
ppl asking 4 advice abt jee....
just one thing...
keep studying n keep chilling..
if u feel too tensd do contact hemant immediately,not 4 studious thngs...