An Apology!

Once upon a time there lived in woods,
a small rabbit who was very naive.
It assumed it knew everything,
the way of cunning world in which it was alive.

” Be friends with everyone”,
this is what it always believed in,
“Never hurt anyone”,
this is what it considered the biggest sin.

Despite these ideals,it did hurt many,
knowingly or the other way,
it couldnt bear the despise from any,
Which landed it on the grounds of grief and dismay.

The other animals didnt hate it,
nor did they love,
What pricked it the most then??,
it was adoration then,its a formality now.

how rude it is,
“to gain someone, you’d have to loose the other”.
Whats the point in being such a society,
Where friendship is such a bother!!

Rabbit grew smarter,
It learnt a lesson,
“Talk to everyone,
be friends to none”.

There is a rabbit in me now,
It has got into me somehow.
I confess I have started being skin-deep,
Its better for me than to cry and make others weep.

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awsum one dude..!!
rabbit got smart..!
just change the title..
its nt an apology..

I knew it since you should never trust people. There is no such thing as true friendship or true love. I'm a big fan of yours!

Awesome poem!!
I don’t know how much the thing I have written below is relevant…

All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone. Everything is in relation to everything else.
In short the Rabbit will meet good people n frnds in future

Rabbit should have learned the lesson…

“Be friends with everyone
expect from none”


It is an apology, an apology for becoming skin-deep!


But I didn't, I know that i have idealized many things. I'm not practical :(


You know I tried not to expect anything from anyone, but this just never happens. You somehow start to expect something from people you love and care about. And expectations do hurt!

seerat ko dekh ke acche acche skin deep ho gaye!

abbe ye senti crap mat likha kar, bore ho jaata hu!

Oh!! so guy knows poetry too!! hmmm..... impressive!

dude..true love n true frndshp do exist...
u just hav to wait for it...
sumtyms...even karan johar type of stories get real too...! (m an eyewitness)