My First Crush @ ISM

Impossible it may seem, but I rarely fall for girls. But when I do, I do it completely. ISM is really rich in societies. We have societies for everything, you name it; we have it.Reading, writing, cooking, quiz, heck people were planning a society for porn! So it was first day on one such society. There were 100+ students in the meeting hall and everyone was asked to introduce themselves on a 6 by 6 stage. There was one idiot senior (read society president) who was asking people to come by turn. I was in the last row (As usual) and was busy with my mobile phone. I was finding those crappy mobile games interesting than ever, maybe because I had no option, because what was going on there was really killing me with its stupidity.

"Saale dekh, Phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad hai!!" he said. Shaking me, trying to divert my attention to that girl. I was already pissed off by looking at the !@#$%^& faces of "intelligent" girls. I tried to ignore this information. I knew that "phaad hai" is not possible in ISM. That that asshole made me to look at her and


I was taken aback! I rewinded the crap I was passively listening to and played it again.

"Hi, my name is Seerat....hmmmmmmmm......... My hobbies are studying, reading and dancing.......I'm from chandigarh.......My AIR is 2xxx"

"Tell me she is not a student. Tell me she is a visitor, wait...... she said that her AIR is 2xxx....... Man this is not true!!" I said in astonishment.

"It is" he said.

I was not ready for shocks like these in ISM. A girl, like that, that too in ISM? Impossible!!

I had to pinch myself as I had known it is a way to check whether you are wake or in a dream. It hurt and I loved that feeling. We had a gal in ISM like her! wohaaaa!

To describe her to you all is something I would love to do.

* Long hair which were nicely tied.(I complimented her for this ,later)
* Glowing skin.
* EYES showing her innocence,sincerity and what not?
* Nice oval face,and a long nose, and all the other elements namely ears,nose were in place and making a combination that is worth a look (not once may be a thousand times)
* A nice height 5'6 approx.
* Sweet voice..that entered my heart!

May be the profs also liked her pristine beauty. They asked her all the stupid questions in the world, just trying to keep her for a longer time at the small stage where we students were giving our introduction.

And I kept clutching my teeth on how they were bothering that sweet girl.

More Later.... Stay tuned

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You and ugly?? rofl!!
If hunks like you are ugly then there are no good looking people on earth my friend. There must me some other reason, bit I bet no one can drop you on the grounds of looks.

I can pretty much guess the next part. I can see that you can approach any girl....hehe

What's the use dude? Everyone knows what happened next (atleast in here). And wtf is 36D? do you mean diopter? tune convergence/ divergence nikal di kya? And man PORN society is still up, in the disguise of movie club. They were watching noida mms yesterday.
you are ugly, really ugly. I wish I were as ugly as you, kam se kam koi line to maarti!

dude..u dunno him...?
i think I know wat is he..?
n stop envying if he is an expert at flirting..!
its an inborn talent n moreover thnking abt it wil make u only more jealous..
so stay

n hemant beta...
looks like i missed sumthng...
n for bhabhiji...
B E W A R E. . !!
keep ur swiss knife ready..

Oh!!! I hate to wait!!!!!............... man !!! Hurry up brother!!!! waise are u in Orkut or Facebook???? i wanna add u!!!!


And how you came to that conclusion?

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Yaar even I don't know that properly. There are some things like A,AA,B,BB,C,CC,D,DD,DDD....AFAIK DD is better than D is better than CC and so on..... I will figure that out. By the way convergence nikalana is a good

Man look at google trends for yesterday, "noida mms" was searched for over 5 million times!!!!!!! And there are many dummy files on LAN too.... this is friggin hilarious!


Abbe Punia (aka bevda)is the guy next door, carbon copy of rahul!....

And bhabhiji? seerat bhabhiji?


Dude, poori story padh lena pehle xams de le..... hehe

I know him better than his parents. Saala 1 no. ka ladkibaaz hai. Iski koi galti nahi hai, delhi waale saale kutte hote hai, ye bhi hai, bas thoda bada.

Bas ye sirf ladkibaaz hai, daaru peene me iski phati hai. isko samjhao ki life me kuch karne ke liye daru peena zarrori hai.


AK ki X Ray vision bhool gaya kya? Aur beta peena shuru kar de, tabhi ye blog phaad banega.

kyu beta..?? dilli walon ko bhagwaan ne maathe pe kutta likh kar bheja hai kya..?? huh..? n btw,kutte har jagah hote hain..evn at ur place(wherever that may be...)
ladkibaazi toh isko naturally aati hai...n is drinking necessary..? if yes,why??

man ur batch must be lucky. or say it spring time at ism.
you must have done great deeds in ur past life as u r living with such rare breed of girls which is both gorgeous and intelligent.
kash kgp mei bhi koi aisi bandi hoti.:P