My First Crush @ ISM: Part 2


Meeting came to an end, and I got all the information about her from my sleuths in Girls Hostel. Then under some "circumstances" I got many chances to talk to her (Which I never missed, wait... How could I?). Then few months later: One Morning:

"Saale jaag ja 8:50 ho gaya hai!!!" Mithilesh said with a kick

"BC, class to 9:00 hai!!" I uttered, while rubbing the impact area.

"Ha Ha Ha, beta aaj to phategi teri, PP ki combined lab hai....AP Chem waalo ke saath.... chupa le raha hai class!" Arjun said and ran like hell along with Mithilesh (They sometimes seem to be more than just friends!).

I stood up within a split of a second, picked my clothes off the floor, grabbed my bag and left for main academic area.(Without even brushing my teeth!)

Ever since I remember, I always manage to beat the time, weekdays or weekends, I'm always late, not more than 10 minutes. I have some innate ability to waste time.
I never get to eat breakfast, like majority of other "fashionably late" folks. This is the reason majority of the ex-fat asses here are as thin as me. I am so thin that I can't get any thinner, so breakfast or no breakfast, hardly shows on me, instead it shows on those elephants and rhinos (No hard feelings.... Morons!)!

After running faster than cheetah, I covered more than 1.5 Kms in just few minutes.

So...I reached the lab at the 4th floor in the main building .I was already late, it was 9:10 by his clock and he was giving pre-experiment Gyaan which possibly none of us had interest in. I tried to sneak in ,avoiding his eagle eyes; quickly taking my lab coat on and trying to mix in the group already present, from the back side.

"You! where have you been till now! Do you know how late you are?" He blared.

"sir....rrrr...sirrrrrr....... that lift ..sirrrrr......"

"what? ...lift?!!!!! "

"sir,that lift got jammed" I said referring to one of the lifts in the main building.

"jammed? why always your lift gets jammed? Can't you come up with some other better lie?" He said, coming at kissable distance from me.

Tell you this was torturous, he was notorious for his body odor,bad breath (My mouth is always fresh, even without brushing!) and what not. He used to literally spit on u when he talked! (Remember that prof. in Main Hoon Na?)

"sir,sorry.." I said trying to make an apologetic face which I was a master at, after all I had to do it all my way through school because of my naughty bones which for one reason or other always had me in positions where I had to pretend.

"sorry?... what sorry? this the way u r going to when u get a job? they will cut your pay or can even throw u out if u come late!" He said.

And after this he continued to give all the lectures on importance of time,punctuality. Somehow I was taking all that boring crap which almost every teacher in my life had told me on reaching late like in coaching classes,school and where not! It was the same crap. But anyways..I was to make serious and sincere face in front of the prof ..which i was doing ..But what was getting unbearable was the spray of bacterias ,the smell from his mouth..water droplets or say drops or dollops were hitting my face with great momentum ..and it felt like i had some serious folly by arriving late by 10 minutes in that lab and god(which does not exist) is punishing me for this cardinal sin!.... now..what happened is the group of friends (or call them bastards, rascals, assholes!!) who were standing behind the prof i.e. in front of me..were having a good time seeing me suffer, and they did what i always do when i see some one suffering, try and do something that will increase his suffering,tell u this is the way i am (since I'm here)..i've idolised the bad guys from joker to agent smith and molfoy to green goblin and Hitler,Genghis khan etc.)

Obviously they were not talented neither had any experience to increase my troubles in the best way..but they did fine..and they started making faces,enacting many dirty things too making some dirty signs at the prof..and it was impossible to control a giggle..and i began to giggle...

"what? is this a joke for u?" he said his eyes red in anger..

"no sir that" I said sensing that it's getting serious now.

"ok..let me let u see some real punishment now! we will meet in the disco!"

For the ones who don't know, disco is not the same disc
. Don't assume that khadoos prof has invited me to the nearest hip joint, to make me meet her beautiful daughter ,to know each other,as he finds me a good prospect for her, even if it were that, I wouldn't have married his daughter. Who wants to have a spitty father-in-law? it is DISCO - DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE and u don't practice dance for hip-hop numbers if u have been invited to one.

As, i had known much about it earlier through seniors i knew what it can mean.

"Sir,sorry ..sorry...those ppl were making me laugh" i said pointing to those devils.
He moved around and scene changed ..they started reading from their manuals and discussing things ..faces so studious that i also disbelieved that just moments ago they were making me laugh.

I knew ,now am finished.he turned around and said "5:30 PM ,Senate room" and left me

A swarm of guys and gals came towards me surrounding me, consoling me and some people having fun in my moment of grief, telling me how bad it can get and all.... and there was Seerat. She didn't excite me (That Much ;)) this time because i was in deep trouble.

She came near and told those guys
"shut up!.. he is so much pain.." (I'm using pink, because it is the color of cute girls)
I was happy to see her sympathy and appreciated her caring nature and boldness to face the world on her own.

"come on ..
Hemant we need to talk to the prof" Taking my hand and getting me out of that crowd, her hands were the softest and the warmest thing I ever had touched..just imagine how much time it would have taken me to get to take her hand ? May be it was impossible.. but procrastination rocks ...I was holding her hand! or rather she was holding mine!!

Strange r the ways of destiny (Now, In which I believe!), I was ready to face DISCO if it included holding her hand!

More to come!! Stay Tuned!

No Spoliers from ISMiets please! Do not post it in comments section. It will ruin the fun for other readers!

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Ha Ha Ha... BC mast scene tha. When I was pretending to slap prof's ass I escaped narrowly. Sala peeche aa gaya, MC. Kash us din main late aata, phir uska haath mere haath me hota. Yaad rakh, cake katega to sabme batega... likhna to bahut kuch chata hu... but as you said... no spoilers!!

AWESOME MAN!!!!............ Is this story Real??? I mean did she really hold your hand???? Oh man!!! I wish I was in your place....... No girl even SPOKE to me this beautifully..... Holding my hand is Out of Question!!!....... yaar!! you are making me jealous.....
Dude can't you put all parts once together?

I loved a Girl truly and I ended up not even telling her how I feel, she was Better Smarter and senior than me... I still love her MORE THAN anything... I wish Everything was THis Easy yaar!!! you are a Lucky Chap, would love to see you together!!! waiting for the next part... :)

hahaha.... nice read! But how come you talked to her first time after seeing her? How did you approach her? That got to be very interesting!
Waiting for next part!

Thank god that you fell in love again. Happy for you! I will not be waiting fr the next part, coz you are going to tell it to me :P

why do you keep falling for girls with name starting with letter "S"? :P .... and why most of your gal-friends' name start with "P"?... and what about the gold standard of beauty named "poornima"! :P :P :P

@Ankit Punia
Bevde cake nahi katne waala, sapne leta reh!

Yep it is. Take my word "Never Ever Fall In Love", you will end up screwing yourself!
Wait for next parts :)

I'm not in love :)
"p" means pure and "s" means sweet :) :P

When she held your hand, expression on your face was priceless!! lol

you're stupid.

wahh dude..!!
mast kahani hai..!!
tu pehla insaan hai jo bhabhi k saamne apna crush itni proud way mein present kar raha hai..!
n parineeta is rite in a way..!
i'd pay to watch a re-enactment of that hand-holding scene..
enjoy yaar...

You didn't answer my question. awwww!!