Anything for you mam!

Leave Seerat aside for some time. Lately I've been getting a lot of questions in comments from IITJEE aspirants regarding love life @ IITs.

NOTE: If you are really want to crack JEE, stop here, switch off your computer and don't visit this site before completion of your orentiation period at IIT.

Following text is complied after getting detailed feedback from current students at IITs/ISM/BHU.

For those who don't have time to read the entire post, here is the summary, in two lines.


*Remember, above reaction will not, under any circumstances, will become William "son" synthesis (pun intented).

#2: Remember, here girls make boyfriends so that they can learn quantum physics from you!

Now lets get to the complete post:

Most of you will come here thinking:

  1. Lecture will be interesting and eventful.
  2. You will be able to understand whatever prof. will tell us.
  3. You will find the course content easy(after all we are IITians, thus smart people).
  4. You will get good grades and marks easily as we used to get in school.
  5. Most importantly, there will be one "NEHA" waiting for us.
Now you guys want "NEHA" because:

1. You never had one.
2. You read "FIVE POINT SOMEONE" and you thought that it would be great to have one.
3. Basic instinct.

Love (*cough* LUST *cough*) Quest:

1. Lists of gals who looked even a little bit decent were made and night long "bhakchodi"aka discussions and plans of getting them were made.

2. Many of the dare-devils tried their luck thinking that it will be on first come first serve basis.Now,these guys have some interesting stories to tell of how painful their acts of dare devilry were .How cold was the response!
3. 2-3 of these guys got nick names for their whole stay here due to thesE acts.don't ask me to mention those events in detail and the names . I don't want to spray salt on their wounds by yelling out what conspired in public.

4. the talks about gals continued day in and day out.
talking to a gal .asking for a pen or a copy was thought of as an achievement and greatly celebrated and if somehow u got caught talking to gal explanation were to be given and a treat(we call it party!) was demanded.
soon picture became clear!(is it now even?)

  1. GUYS! if u want a gal in IIT go for her now!
  2. booking will close in one month and u will be left stranded.
  3. to tell u the truth these gals r shit!
  4. after iit you will get damn gorgeous item, forget these girls here!
  5. there r better ones outside the campus.
  6. don't ever think of a prof's daughter it's IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

few of them r not shit. they r quite good .i must say. But,this makes the task tougher.If u have a select 4-5 gals which r good and about 500 boys ...u know the price tag.i can't explain the screwed equation(sex ratio) any further.

and as we people researched we found they already r committed long before coming over here.
ha! that was not cool! u know.

days passed and guys around me became despos(desperate) tried radical things...and we got no surprises.

course load and assignments do not allow us to venture out and try our lucks..
so,few guys have started liking boys too. ;)

the dreams of that sunset,walking with NEHA in the lawns ,eating an ice cream cone.those lovely nice talks .those shivers that would have travelled down our bodies on touching her,those divine feeling of having someone special.that caring hand and that beautiful voice which would have got us going. all such wishes .our dreams have been shattered. into pieces...

yea yea yea!
hold on!

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baat toh sach hai...
isiliye any gal is a queen elizabeth at iit's

Man!!!!!! Awesome!!! Loved your blog dude!!

haha.. haha..
good one bro :)
R u in IIT D?