My First Crush @ ISM: Part 3

She dragged me out of the lab holding my fortunate left hand (My right one would have turned green in envy!)

"Hey, see I know it was none of your fault. Let's go and tell him" She said, looking in my eyes. I was about to get lost in her eyes, but the thought "why the heck shes helping me?" was not letting me do it.

I nodded and followed her to Prof's room. She knocked the door (I felt like a sissy!).

"Come in" A voice came from inside. We entered the room.

"You...You... get out!!!" he said, looking at me, in a repulsive tone.

"Sir, please listen to us!" She said

"There's nothing to listen" He said, balantly.

"Sir please listen to us!" She said, in voice so sweet that even devil would melt, so did he.

"Why are you speaking on his behalf? Is he dumb?" He said, softly.

"Sorry sir!" I said, for the first time.

I don't know what was in his face or may be the way he spoke, it always made me giggle and roll on the floor of my mind.I was trying to pose sincerely in front of him,making a baby face which I loved doing since school days.You got to have this skill ,if you too had those Naughty days in school as me, and u were generally at the wrong place at wrong times.

Seriousness,sincerity were never natural, I had to act,and ,at times i tended to overact.

"Sir he is sorry, let him go!" Man I was lovin' this! She was doing so much for me.

I thought it's over.The devil will let me free,he will forgive me for my 'Cardinal sin' of laughing at him and not listening to him sincerely. I was exulting and dancing in my head.Thanked her and blew kisses, all in my mind.

B, it never ends this easily for me .She was trying to convince him that it was not my fault and am just as sincere student as anybody is, she was facing those droplets of saliva on her pretty face, add to that this his bad breath and you can understand how hard was for her to go through that just for me, and there came one huge one and she sighted it and saved herself getting hit from that missile matrix style, I broke out and giggled loud enough to reach his old ears.

I think he was aware that he had this "Spray bottle" mouth from which those deadly fumes jet out, and people get annoyed by this.

Now,firstly she turned her face and then my giggle which was not musical, so consequence....

"Get out both of you!" He shouted, then he turned to her and said

"You too will face the disco! Be with him there!" He said.

We sneaked out of his room.

I was feeling sorry for her, she came here just to save me and now was in the same trouble.

But, I had no strength to say sorry, we walked a through that corridor and reached the lift.

"See these profs are like this and this prof is infamous over his irritability .My brother told me about few profs with whom one must keep extra care, else they can wreck u all over."

"Your brother told u about Was he in ISM too? I said interrupting her in between.

"Ya. he passed out 2 years ago, a Gold Medalist" She said with an obvious gleam in her eyes.

"Oh really? great!' I replied ,internally I was cursing my fate..who wants the brother of the gal you have crush on to be a 'STUD' ? It stamps your mediocrity.

I was lost in realizing how impossible was it to get her..

"Hey! HERO? where r u lost? do you have any plans, any excuse to get out of this? think!!" she said.

HERO? now what was that for. I looked around ,no one was there ,so it must have been for me. Now, first of all i don't look any HERO with this face ,add to that my messy hair, neither i had done any heroic act of mine in front of her, so perhaps, she was being sarcastic!

"Yea am thinking some way out of this. Sorry, I brought you on the same sinking boat"

"Theek hai Theek hai, it's not your fault,The prof is like this, old age and those books make them like this" She said smiling.

How devilish was her smile, a stark contrast with her pure voice, baby face those elegant ear rings, she was full of surprises and i was uncovering them; every moment.

"Yea true, whenever I look at him ,it gets hard for me to resist my laughter. Books and their frustrated life makes them so irritable " I uttered.

I had lots of to say about the profs but i preferred repeating exactly whatever she said. I was following the golden rule don't open your mouth too early and too much in front of people.

"Yea true" she said. I sounded boring to her,it was evident from her short reply.
there was silence for a second then she spoke
"Okie let us go to the lecture, we r already late! Hurry up" and I wanted those combined classes to go forever.

We had to go to the VIth block to attend the class. All the guys were looking at me in awe and envy when I entered the class with her.Man!! there is no better feeling to enter in a lecture hall with a beautiful gal by your side. It's just too satisfying to see green faces!!!!!!!

We took adjacent seats,were already late so had to sit in last rows.It is just normal for me, I have been a back bencher all way through school. Anyways she was there with me on the back seats, she took out her notebook and shifted her attention towards BS the prof was saying and i too did the same.

Though i never loved studying anything except Maths, Physics and Literature, I ,like most JEE crackers have this uncanny ability to concentrate on things and subjects which we had no interest in.

So, in that class too i was concentrating hard, but a sweet flowery smell was distracting me ,on my right adjacent to me was her; sitting so elegantly,gracefully, glowing face with child like innocence and filled with wisdom of the right and wrong!
Am I going over board in appreciating her? No! she is like this, in fact better.
I was immersed in her and she in the topic being done and there she took that pen in her mouth , thinking something, then she lifted her hand.
"ya..answer" said another prof

"Sir, first we draw that top view of the solid ..project on auxiliary plane....and..."

All of the students turned their faces towards her, and there was me totally unaware of the happenings, looking at her like a fanatic looks towards his 'idol'!
the class began to giggle, claps and all diverted her attention but not mine.(I was still immersed in her). She turned towards me, and i was taken aback. Looked away and then I realised i was the center of attention and all those guys and gals were going crazy, watching me seeing her madly.
I tried to compose myself, started looking at her again as if nothing has happened and she completed her answer.

"good" said the prof. I think he had not got anything . They r dumb creatures after all.

"hey! Why were you looking at me like that? These guys will make fun of you" she said, right after the class.

I avoided her eyes, I had no explanation to that, should I have said "You are so beautiful miss, I got lost in u"?
Hell No!!I kept my silence.

"Okay, take care of it next time, I have to go, give me your no. I will call you to discuss what should be done tomorrow in the DISCO".

I thought my ears are ringing, she said something else! How can a gal like her ask for my no.?

"No?? don't u have any?"

"yea..yea..sorry i was thinking of is it 987.......0"

"Thinking something, Yea already seem to be lost in something, you are a complete idiot!" She said, smiling.

I loved that, if a gal calls u an idiot so lovingly it is always a good omen!

"Meet me at the NESCKI at 9 PM ,I will be waiting for u and let me know what u have thought as an excuse, bye now!"

"yea sure..bye"

We waved a short bye and I walked back to hostel thinking all along the way if she had to call me to the nescki, why she took my no.?

I was of course on cloud nine, it was hard to touch the ground, the winds were taking me in those fantasy worlds. And it was magical, I remembered her devilish smile, and paused the reel in the memory to just look at her smile, with full devotion.

More Later....

NOTE: These are true events, with a little distortion or rather suppression of facts for obvious reasons.

PS: Don't post obscene comments, else you will get banned from here forever. I will rather block your ISP.

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mast kahani hai ladke..!
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I think nope!! There are people who have some inherent urge to help others, I guess she's among them.

All rights released, only for DPS!

you are a lucky b*stard!!

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